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Southern Car Storage specialise in high quality, long term car and motorcycle storage at very competitive rates. 
By developing a large facility and only offering long term storage, we can keep our security higher and our prices lower.

Purpose built, dehumidified, dark, insulated, fully insured, very secure and no public access, our 32,000 sq ft facility provides the optimum environment for your cherished vehicle.

With a suggested minimum storage period of 6 months, we are ideally suited to owners who are looking for seasonal storage, help during an overseas posting or a safe haven for their investments (rather than those looking for "full access garaging").

From a family of petrol heads (including a Team Lotus driver and a Powerboat Champion) we can offer a wide range of experience combined with a friendly and professional customer service.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements or to arrange a pre-store tour.


  • Southern Car Storage was an excellent find. The personal attention from the owner is outstanding and the area in which my boat is stored is spotlessly clean and tidy. I cannot recommend this facility enough, it is extremely safe, secure and clean, the whole operation exudes an air of quality, efficiency and caring for whatever you wish to store there. (Keith is now a regular Winter customer).
    Keith B

  • I was referred to you by a fellow VW Camper owner. Our restoration project was delivered on a trailer and you patiently helped us lift it off the trailer and move it into position - fortunately you had all the equipment on site. Glad to see her all wrapped up in a perfect environment. Now I need to find some time to restore her!
    Rob G

  • A true professional yet personal service from the SCS team. Vehicles are kept safe and secured in a very clean storage area with modern security, yet access is never a problem. Highly recommended.
    Mark H

  • I have been using Southern Car Storage for a few months now. I'm storing my camper van with them. Southern car storage has been ideal for myself. Its reassuring to know that my loved van is in a safe secure location. I also had pictures sent to me to show it was covered over and in its own bay.
    Greg T

  • We were in a pickle and Southern Car Storage stepped in. Thank you for your help collecting, preparing and storing my VW Corrado. We have already referred someone on to you (and they are also a customer now)
    John H

  • My car was looked after very well, safe, dry and comfortable, it was sad to leave.
    Will recommend Southern Car Storage to others
    Jean J

  • Our company has been using Southern Car Storage for a few years now. They have invested in their facility over this time and now it offers top class storage at very competitive rates.

    We are happy to recommend them
    Julian M

  • I have been a customer of Southern Car Storage for a couple of years now, storing classic sped boats through the winter and now a classic mercedes convertible. SCS are easy to deal with and very helpful, the facility is dry and secure and I am happy my precious toys are safe and sound. Costs are very fair for the service provided.
    Alasdair L

  • I am very happy with the service I have received from SCS and would definitely recommend them.
    I like the simple system of fees rather than loads of extras to be bolted on...as I have never stored my car before I had quite a few questions and SCS were really helpful. My car is my pride and joy and SCS appreciate this.
    I was impressed by the storage facility and the warm welcome
    Sarah M

  • I was meaning to say thanks for sending me pics of my car. So good to know she is nice and dry and well looked after!!
    Amanda S

  • Storing my motorbikes with you freed up space in my parents garage and kept them in much better condition than we could.
    Beccy S

  • I am a Kiwi biker. I have ridden round the world and in a great number of places and always had a problem knowing where to leave my bikes. Having ridden from Japan to UK I am rather attached to my BMW R1200GS so I was delighted to find Alan at Southern Car Storage. What a good facility, what a nice bloke and how handy it is to access. So I can return to New Zealand and relax knowing the bike is in good hands and ready to go when I return in the summer
    Stuart R

  • Alan, Great to meet you yesterday and thanks for such a seamless transition for the Porsche to your storage facility
    Jane J

  • Great facility, great service and all at a sensible price. I know my car will be properly stored until I need it
    Dan W

  • I was impressed on my visit to your facilities prior to me delivering my motorcycle for you to store.
    The facility is excellent.
    I was impressed with the customer service that you gave me on arriving for the pre-store visit and on receiving my motorcycle for storage.
    The photographs you sent me via Dropbox showing me my motorcycle being stored and locked gives me confidence.
    Thanks for the excellent service you afforded to me.
    John C

  • Having worked overseas for 3 years, the storage of my classic car and motorcycles had been a continual worry until I contacted Southern Car Storage.
    From my initial enquiry until the vehicles were successfully stored, the service I received from Alan and his team was very professional.
    The whole process was seamless and stress free with Alan organising everything, personally collecting the vehicles and transporting them to the Southern Car Storage’s bespoke facility in Hampshire.
    I was even provided pictures of the move sequence and storage via an internet portal to ensure my peace of mind.
    The team at Southern Car Storage are motoring enthusiasts themselves and it truly shows in the service I received.
    Andrew B

  • I'm very glad I found Southern Car Storage, it's a great place to store your loved vehicle, its safe and dry, what could be better and Alan is very very nice helpful guy, great place five stars from me.
    Dave R

  • I was in desperate need of somewhere to store my bike as I was going abroad.
    I came across Southern Car Storage online and I'm so very glad I did as they are very professional, courteous and did everything they could do to help me. I would recommend them to anyone.
    A very big thank you to them.

    Richard H-G

  • Southern Car Storage provided a clean, modern and secure facility for the storage of my classic car and all at a highly competitive price. The customer service was excellent throughout and the whole operation is slick and efficient
    James B

  • It's nice to know my GS is in such good hands . Alan and team have given her great attention from arrival onwards with helpful understanding and assistance . I would recommend Southern Car (& Bike) Storage to anyone looking for storage
    John D

  • Alan, this is Rolls Royce service – for a Yamaha. How splendid.
    Thank you very much. I am sure that I couldn’t have left the bike in better hands. I have looked at the pictures and they look great. I will watch for more with interest.
    Richard L

  • Well hidden away, so it is very safe. A very friendly welcome and the storage is clean, tidy, atmosphere controlled and spacious. Very professional and the cleaning, greasing and covering of my motorbike looks good – I am 4,000 miles away, but the pictures keep me up to date. It is much better value than anything close to London.
    Richard L

  • I left my car at Southern Car Storage while I traveled abroad for 6 months, and would recommend them to anyone needing to store a vehicle. I needed piece of mind that my car was going to be in a safe, secure location and also that it was going to be in good mechanical condition when I returned. Southern Car Storage met those requirements and more and at a surprisingly low cost. I wouldn't hesitate to store my car there again.
    Leigh C

  • We needed somewhere to store our car for a few months while travelling, and were really glad to have found Southern Car Storage. The car was superbly cared for, and the service was friendly and professional - we even got photo updates of the car while we were away, and had an MOT arranged for us when we got back! Highly recommended.
    Toby L

  • Firstly let me say that I am not normally given to writing testimonials but the exemplary service I received from Southern Car Storage (SCS) was such as to warrant it.

    Why did I choose SCS?
    Price was the initial focus. The SCS website quoted rates were somewhat cheaper than the competition and on investigation I found the competition made extra charges for insurance, dust covers, fuel stabiliser, battery chargers and then add VAT. With SCS the price quoted is all inclusive.

    Secondly, it was the SCS facility and their apparent attention to detail. Their facility has no windows, is dehumidified and secure with comprehensive alarms and security cameras. Even the concrete floor is sealed to minimise dust. After dropping them off the cars are prepped for storage with many photographs being taken to record condition, mileage and the cleaning process. These are then uploaded into a "Dropbox" folder for your subsequenty viewing. All very reassuring.

    Next was the service - I freely admit I am a bit of a car fantatic so I chose Gold for both cars with dedicated storage bays, tyres resting on carpets and rotated regularly, engine run up to temperature and driven indoors every three months to check for issues.

    The web site was sufficient to get me to travel and see the SCS facility first hand.
    I subsequently met and chatted with Alan as he showed me round and that was the clincher. Alan has a passion for cars and is enthusiastic about what he does. I knew I would be leaving my cars in capable hands and felt confident that Alan and SCS would live up to their web site promises and so it proved to be.
    In all my subsequent dealings with SCS and Alan I felt I was treated more like a friend than a customer. The service is first class and I have no hesitation in recommending SCS as THE car storage facility of choice.
    Roger G

  • Professional, Safe and Value for money – what more could you ask for? Alan was easy to communicate with, really helpful and knowledgeable about bikes and quite simply a decent bloke. My bike was collected at a time to suit me in a discreet van and efficiently secured and protected for transit. SCS gave my pride and joy a pre-storage clean (very small fee) and then took pictures of her clean, dry and safe in the facility. Collected 5 months later, started first time and is running sweet and true. I would have no hesitation leaving my bike or car in the care of Alan and SCS.
    James D

  • I hope the business continues to expand - it is a fun business to work in, notwithstanding the customers and their little oddities! Your excellent attention to detail will be a huge asset, people do worry and fret about what is going to happen to their beloved steed when it is locked away out of sight and a bit of polish goes a long way!
    Good luck for the future - I may be back!!
    Richard D

  • Hey Alan. Just a quick thank you for looking after the bike as well as you did. She looks like new and has been running really well. Thanks again see you in September. (Kent is now a regular Winter customer).
    Kent M

  • Southern Car Storage provided a high standard service for a reasonable price. They looked after my car better than I could have done. Very arranging and responsive, providing regular updates. They also ensured the battery was charged and everything was working before I picked it up. Thanks to their professionalism, I spent 6 months without worrying a second about my car. I will not hesitate to work with them again and highly recommend it.
    Coraline L

  • The service provided by Southern Car Storage is fantastic. They looked after my Triumph Bonneville motorcycle for the winter and bowled me over with their helpfulness.
    I live 80 miles away from the facility and Alan picked up the bike for me from my home at no additional charge as he happened to be in the area!
    While they had the bike they charged the battery and inflated the tyres so it was ready to be rode away when I got there. Alan even picked me up from the station when I came to pick the bike up last week.
    Incredible value and really great to deal with, I'll be in the phone to Alan as soon as it gets cold again.
    Alfie L

  • The service was attentive and professional. Peace of mind was achieved through being able to view the car in the excellent facility via pictures on Dropbox. My car was very well looked after and I would not hesitate to recommend Southern Car Storage to others.
    Andrew M

  • Southern Car Storage, run by Alan, is a thoroughly professional outfit providing secure vehicle storage in a dehumidified atmosphere with tyre pressures and battery charge being maintained. During the six months that my car was in storage I had not a single concern about its safekeeping. The car was in at least as good a condition on collection as it was when it was delivered. The courteous and friendly service provided by Southern Car Storage gives worry free storage that is second to none. (Ian is now a regular Winter customer).
    Ian J

  • Many thanks Alan, much appreciated.
    You've developed a great service and I hope it continues to grow and do very well for you.
    I'm sure our paths will cross again at some point, thanks again.
    David P

  • Thanks again or all your help with the bike especially the photos on dropbox, its a great system and certainly helped put my mind at ease knowing the bike was being looked after properly. (James is now a regular Winter customer).
    James D

  • Alan and Southern Car storage provided an exceptionally high level of customer service, first-rate accommodation for the housing of vehicles, and very competitive rates in my opinion. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to store their beloved car!
    Lewis F

  • Thank you so much for your fantastic service I can't recommend you highly enough. We are only removing the MG as we have finally moved house and have a garage to put her in! If I can be of any help to future customers please give them my details.
    Heidi M

  • We weren't sure if it would be appropriate to store our car whilst we were away sailing for 6 months, after all it wan't a fancy sports car that we were storing and most of the websites seemed to focus on classic car storage.
    But Alan made us very comfortable with the process of storing our car, assured us that all sorts of cars were stored, sent us photos, cleaned it and organised our MOT. He even picked us up from the station after we were suddenly redirected to a different one.
    We would be very happy to recommend his service, he lovingly looks after all the vehicles in his care and takes the worry out of leaving the car in store.
    Karen B

  • Southern Car Storage are simply wonderful. I needed to store my car for around a year and everything was seamless. It is good value and highly professional but above that Alan and the team care about cars. In fact I think my car quite liked it there and didn't want to come home! I would not hesitate to use again and have told all my friends. Big thank you!
    Vanessa B

  • After trolling through a minefield of local to home vehicle storage facilities in Surrey, I chanced upon Southern Car Storage and after reading and comparing the website I called and spoke to Alan who was very helpful and enthusiastic. When it was time to deliver the car to SCS it was clear to see that what is described on the web site is spot on.
    I have been a customer of Southern Car Storage now for two winter periods and have been extremely satisfied with the high level of service and the warm welcome that we receive.
    Alan and his team are dedicated to providing first class storage in a safe, secure clean and tidy facility.
    The attention to detail is second to none and the storage rates are clearly defined and very competitive with various levels of all inclusive care with no hidden extras .
    I shall continue to use the services of SCS to look after my Aston Martin for the winter months knowing it is in safe and secure hands.
    I can highly recommend Alan and his team at SCS.

    Ian C

  • I stored five motorcycles at SCS while I travelled overseas for eight months. The arrangements for storage were refreshingly simple and straightforward. Similarly delivering and later collecting my machines was achieved with ease and convenience. The facilities are ideal and the bikes well cared for while in storage. It was reassuring to know that the bikes were safe and secure while I was away. I would not hesitate to recommend SCS to others.
    Jim K

  • Car has arrived! Thanks again for all your help. It was really helpful knowing the car was secure and dry while I was living abroad. And I really appreciated all the extra things you did. Much appreciated.
    Jeremy A

  • I contacted SCS after selling my property and needing somewhere to store my pride and joy. Even though it was very short notice they were incredibly accommodating and couldn't be more helpful. The facilities are excellent and it was very comforting knowing the car was safe and secure.
    Martyn B

  • Thanks for the service you have provided over the last 2½ years. I was always confident that my bike was safe and sound in a very good environment. I was very impressed on the couple of times I visited your location.
    I hope your business continues to thrive and that your Vizsla has as much fun there as ours does in Rio.
    Ed H

  • We would like to thank you for looking after our car for us while we were on our travels. It was great to know the car was safely stored away while we were abroad and it was so helpful to be able to organise the MOT before we got back.
    I'm not sure when we will need long term car storage again but when we do we won't hesitate to use Southern Car Storage.
    Kim N

  • Many thanks for providing such as great service over the past 3 years Alan, I would have no hesitation in recommending Southern Car Storage to anyone, you really have made the whole experience hassle free. It's been very comforting to know that the car was in such good hands. If I ever need to store a car again, I know who I'll be calling.
    All the very best for the future.
    Ps - by all means use the above as a testimonial!
    Jeff B

  • Thanks Alan. Sorry I was not there to see you personally. Thanks for taking good care of her all this time.
    Greg T

  • We found Southern Car Storage online when looking for a long-term storage solution for our secondment to Asia. Southern Car Storage was extremely courteous, professional and transparent from first contact to our the hand-over of the car following our return to he UK. The car was stored safe and kept in dry and clean condition. During our time abroad we received regular updates and photos on our car, documenting for example the exercising of the vehicle and various checks. We highly recommend Southern Car Storage and would use them again any day.
    Jan E

  • I found Southern Car Storage by searching on Google. I was looking for a location in the south of England.
    I had compared rates with other traditional storage places who were nearly twice as much and offering an outside space in the elements.

    Trusting someone with your vehicle is not a small decision, and you need to know it will be safe, secure and if there are any problems easily resolved.

    I was lucky to have found Southern Car Storage being an expat and it was the best decision I made leaving my Range Rover with Alan.
    · Top of the line storage facility custom built for vehicles
    · Alan has been excellent to deal with, and you can TRUST him with your pride & joy
    · Alan has local contacts for MOT and servicing which will save you money and time
    · The rates were the most affordable I could find; the solution is well above his competitors
    I fully recommend Southern Car Storage and will be using Alan next time I need to store a vehicle.
    Tristan H

  • Thanks for all your help in what has been a difficult time for me.
    My motorbike has not been something I have had to worry about at all though once I made the decision to store at Southern Car Storage, so thanks for taking care of all things motorbike!
    I would certainly use you again if the need arises in the future, whether for a bike or car.
    Steve T

  • Hi Alan just a quick message to say thank you for pampering my Westminster for the past 11 months and many thanks for the photo's of my Datsun 260c. I have total peace of mind leaving my classic cars with you. I can rest easy now knowing my Datsun is in safe hands for the coming winter months. Kind Regards
    Graham K

  • Just a short note to say thank you for looking after my car over the last few months. When I was looking for storage you came back to me very quickly with a quote and answered all the questions I had about the storage options you offer and service you provide. The delivery of the car to your store was incredibly smooth and very easy, the storage facility is 1st class and clearly designed for the purpose.
    The photos of the car in store to confirm its location and condition via Dropbox is superb. The procedure to take the car out of store was very easy and simple. It was brilliant that the car was ready and waiting to be collected and took the minimum amount of time to load. Overall, just a fantastic service from start to finish and one that I would recommend to anyone looking to store a vehicle (car or bike). Many thanks again Alan!!

    Anthony M

  • ...if I'm in need of car storage services again you'll be the first person to know. Thanks for everything!

    Nick E

  • Very happy with the storage service offered, highly recommend it Thanks again, William
    William F

  • I found Southern Car Storage a very reliable service while storing my Yamaha motorbike. I had every confidence the bike would be well cared for and never felt I need worry about it being as I had left it despite the months of storage. Leaving and final pick-up both flowed smoothly all at a low price.
    Mike H

  • Yes all good Alan - thank you very much. I wont hesitate to contact you in the future. Excellent service throughout. :-)
    Jason L

  • I'll cancel the standing order, thanks for reminding me! And of course I'll write the ££s off, you've helped me so much, it's the least I can do! I'm very grateful for everything you've done. It's been a pleasure working with you! Good luck to you too!
    Anna M

  • I have stored my car with Southern Car Storage for the last 3 years and when it came to finally retrieve my car, Alan arranged for its MOT, service and recommended a good transportation service to get the car to me.
    All my dealings with Alan have been professional and he has always been flexible, I would definitely recommend Southern Car Storage to anyone thinking of storing their favourite cars.
    Darron P

  • I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and friendly and helpful approach you have given me.
    I will most certainly be recommending you or in fact using you again if I need another car cared for. Many many thanks.

    Luke R

  • Thank you for your amazing customer service and I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone looking for your services here and abroad.
    Tahira B

  • Having been a customer for almost 5 years I have only good things to say about storing my car with Southern Car Storage and would highly recommend them. Right from the first emails all those years ago to the day I contacted Alan to tell him I was going to be taking the car out of storage, the response has always been friendly and efficient. The price did not increase in the 5 years I was a customer, as per the price promise. My car needed some work to get it back on the road, Alan put me in touch with a good local garage and after I had spoken with them to arrange the work I wanted doing, Alan arranged to take my car to the garage for me and bring it back, he even washed and polished it for collection. All in all a great experience and it has been lovely to have been one of the first customers and watch the business grow and be successful. Thanks Alan, all the best!
    Sarah M

  • Thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the last three years. I will happily recommend your services to friends and family.
    Mark C

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